Task Number One – Get In Touch With The Landlord

What is your first task when you get a booking for an end of tenancy cleaning job? I am always surprised by the variety of answers you can get to this question, even from experienced cleaners and managers. And while they grasp for this or that sanitary task, the correct answer remains the same – you have to get in touch with the landlord first.

There is a neat little ambiguity about the end of tenancy cleaning that most people forget – while the tenant books the procedure, it is the property owner who benefits the most from it. Therefore, it is the latter to whose wishes you have to cater.

My experience shows that most landlords do not have specific requirements for the final sanitary treatment of their property and just want the place to look clean and comfortable. You have to be prepared, however, for the rare case of prickly people who come ready with a list of hygienic tasks.

Disarm them with a friendly attitude and overbearing attention, and listen carefully to what they have to say. Usually, you have to make very slight adjustments to your routine, but they might prove to be the difference between success and disaster.